UniBg 2021-2022 Links

that you're kindly asked to visit.

#01  Vocabulary
  Wikipedia on the Web
  Wikipedia on georeferencing

#02  Networks, web presence
  The introduction to Linked, course text 1, read through a TTS

  Barabasi's works from his very own voice (a link suggested by Francesca Signorelli)
  Similar Web
  Web 2.0, a seminal definition
  Wikipedia on Databases
  Wikipedia on Social networking service
  Wikipedia on Social media

#03  Destinations & Commons
  Social network analysis in destination management, a presentation by Pietro Beritelli
  The airification of cities, a report from the University of Siena, July 2017
  A Nobel Prize winner about Commons
  A talk and some videos on Smart cities from Carlo Ratti, head of MIT's Senseable City Lab

#04  Tourism, social, reputation
  The Economist on Travel Agents and Travel Providers
  The Economist on TripAdvisor
  Skift on The Definitive oral history of online travel
  A book on the Sharing Economy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  Web reputation monitoring systems, a presentation
  The Travel Appeal website

#05  Quality, standards, models
  Evaluating and Designing Web Site Quality, a pdf from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  Wikipedia on the Five Ws
  Laudon & Laudon's book on Management Information Systems
  A video with Donald A. Norman making you grasp what a conceptual model is
  A video with Donald A. Norman making an example of how a Conceptual Model can be a wrong one

#06  7Loci and web presence
  Good practices for web presences strategies of tourism destinations, a pdf from the eReview of Tourism Research
  Mapping the Web Presences of Tourism Destinations, a paper
  A paper on Italian flagship museums: web presence and mobile-friendliness, a pdf from the Enter 2016 congress
  The Pingdom download-time tool
  Broken Link Checker
  The Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  Google Safe Browsing site status
  Mashable's 9 Simple Tips for Making Your Website Disability-Friendly (a link suggested by Francesca Signorelli)
  Nielsen & Norman on Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users

#07  Mobile, apps
  A presentation on mobile tourism
  Google Maps
  The Foursquare website
  Evaluating Mobile Applications for Urban Tourism, a paper
  Wikipedia on apps

#08  Analytics, cookies, privacy
  Google Analytics
  Facebook Insights
  Google Ads
  Google Alerts

#09  Design, content, usability
  A TED video with Donald A. Norman summarizing how design can make you happy
  The Creative Commons website
  Usability according to the Interaction Design Foundation
  Yulia Sidorova's presentation (a pdf) on the gamified treasure hunting Bergamo Quest
  Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress as popular CMSs
  The Foundation framework
  Codecademy, an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes

#10  Security & cryptography
  Wikipedia on cryptography
  Wikipedia on Alan Turing

#11  Disruptions, AI
  Big Bang Disruption by Larry Downes and Paul Nunes, an article from the Harvard Business Review, March 2013
  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a pdf file from Springer

#12  Pandemics and digital
  Initial Responses to COVID-19 Tourism, according to TRINET, a pdf file at Google Drive
  Privacy vs. Pandemic, according to Yuval Noah Harari
  Commons and the tourism sector facing a pandemic, pages 175 to 182 from Tourism facing a pandemic: from crisis to recovery