UniBg IT for Tourism Services 2017-2018


These are the "Course text 7: Online materials made available by the lecturer" mentioned in the UniBg 2017-2018 programme for the Lectures (coded 44141) on IT for Tourism Services.

These materials are a work in progress.

Presentations of the lectures are published on SlideShare - and pdf files made downloadable - on the day after each lecture.

20171003 #01    Tue, Oct 3
Some 25 Years of eTourism

SlideShare    pdf and    links
20171005 #02    Thu, Oct 5
Networks, Social Networks, and Web Presence
SlideShare    pdf and    links
201711010 #03    Tue, Oct 10
Destinations, the Industry, and Peer-To-Peer
SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171012 #04    Thu, Oct 12
Mobile, Smartphones, Wi-Fi, and Apps
SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171017 #05    Tue, Oct 17
Quality, and the 7Loci Meta-Model
SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171019 #06    Thu, Oct 19
A 7Loci Quality Evaluation Model for DMO Websites
 pdf and   link
20171024 #07    Tue, Oct 24
A 7Loci Quality Evaluation Report for DMO Websites
 pdf and students'   reports
201711026 #08    Thu, Oct 26
Analytics, Insights, Cookies, and the Disappearing Privacy
SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171031 #09    Tue, Oct 31
Web Reputation: Likes, Engagement & Sentiment
SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171114 #10    Tue, Nov 14
Design: Content, Copyright, and Creative Commons

SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171121 #11    Tue, Nov 21
Design: Usability, Gamification, Augmented & Virtual Reality
SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171205 #12    Tue, Dec 5
Big-Bang Disruptions and Tourism

SlideShare    pdf and   links
20171212 #13    Tue, Dec 12
Your reports’ presentation: 1st group

20171219 #14    Thu, Dec 14
Your reports’ presentation: 2nd group

20171221 #15    Tue, Dec 19
Your reports’ presentation: 3rd group

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