A 7Loci Quality Evaluation Model for DMOs

A 7Loci Quality Evaluation Model for DMOs was designed at the University of Bergamo in 2007, to comply with the meta-model proposed in Mich L., Franch M., Gaio L. [2003] “Evaluating and Designing Web Site Quality”, in IEEE MultiMedia, Volume 10, Issue 1.

The questionnaire hereunder corresponds to this meta-model, which has been more recently called 7Loci, and re-proposed by Luisa Mich in her chapter about "Destination marketing e Internet" in Franch, M. [2010] Marketing delle destinazioni turistiche, Milano, McGraw-Hill.

With respect to Mich's 2010 re-proposal, this questionnaire includes some more questions, which have been added after discussions at the University of Bergamo in March 2011 and November 2014. The additional questions are printed in red.

UniBg students who intended to pass the IT for Tourism Services or the IT for Tourism Managers assessment between November 2011 and July 2018 were asked to access this website and fill a questionnaire like this on line. The resulting 263 evaluations are available.

Though it has been deprecated, and can no longer be filled on line, this questionnaire may still be considered useful as a reference.

Identity .:. Quis? .:. Who?

Content .:. Quid? .:. What?

Services .:. Cur? .:. Why?

Individuation .:. Ubi? .:. Where?

Management .:. Quando? .:. When?

Usability .:. Quomodo? .:. How?