We've been travelling for decades, and contributed masses of relevant content - guidebooks, articles, photographs, reports and papers - to leading publishers and research centers. We've been repeatedly hired for consultancy by the Touring Club of Italy, and worked for Universities, City and Provincial Councils, Chambers of Commerce and professional associations in five Italian regions.
We've been lecturing, organizing workshops and developing research on tourism at the University of Bergamo for some fifteen years. Our stimulus material and presentations are available free on the Web. Most of our papers are mentioned on Academia and Research Gate.
Milano, or Milan, is our home town, and the place where we live and work. We've long been dealing with tourism and content providing on a professional basis. It comes as no surprise that we have regularly delivered tourism information and photographs on Milano since 1984.
Fashion, heritage, design, entertainment and good food. Milano can be a perfect place to relax, take a breath and enjoy. We deal with tourism, and love Milano. So we asked ourselves: why not providing short-term accommodation, too?
We have to admit that we no longer enjoy digital technologies and social networking like we used to do. Still, the ICTs are useful, and must be exploited. We rely on them, keep designing and managing websites - their backoffice included - and teach social networking techniques. See you there?